Do you want to know the secret to becoming a successful real estate investor? 

It isn’t in making the trendiest upgrades. Or having the sharpest marketing strategy. Or setting the best price once you’re ready to rent or sell.

It’s buying the right investment property.

Real Estate Investing – The Real Thing in Real Estate Investing ...

Real estate investing is a numbers game that’s won or lost when you pick an investment property to purchase.

If you’re planning to flip your investment home, you’re gambling that you’ll be able to sell for significantly more than it cost you to purchase and fix up the house.

If you’re planning to buy and hold the home as a rental property, you’re betting that you can rent it for enough to cover the monthly mortgage payment and pay back the capital you’ve invested.

In both cases, if you don’t purchase a property at the right price, the odds of making a profit are against you.

So, how do you stack the deck in your favor? Hire an investor-friendly real estate company. 


Realty Partners has been active in the real estate investment market for over 30 years. Although we primarily invest in commercial & residential cash flowing properties, our team is equipped with the experience in almost any venture you choose, from mobile home parks to fix & flip townhouses & long term land investments. 



What are the benefits to working with Realty Partners?

When you’re sinking your savings into a real estate investment, it’s not enough to just have a good team in your corner—no matter how experienced and highly-recommended they come.

You need company who has direct experience with real estate investing.

“The best investor-friendly agents are those who invest in real estate themselves, because they have hands-on experience navigating the complicated process. They know how to calculate returns, work to deadlines, and find their investor clients the best deals on properties.”

Consider all the benefits you’ll receive by hiring Realty Partners. As an investor-friendly company, we will: 

1. Help you identify profitable properties
2. Give you access to more properties
3. Assist you in calculating your potential ROI
4. Advise you on whether flipping or rental investing is right for you
5. Offer advice on investor tax benefits (like 1031 exchanges)

Yes, it’s true. Investor-friendly agents are the unicorns of the real estate world because there are so few of them. It’s true that the best ones are investors themselves—which means that they’re making good money from their own real estate investments. So choose a team who can relate to your situation. 

The best time to start investing is yesterday. Get yourself in the game.

Start Investing Now!

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